Music to Grow

There Perugia Classical Music Foundation Onlus he Friends of Music of Perugia gave life to the project “ Music to Grow “In 2002/2003, stimulated by two reflections:

1) the school generally does not literate students as far as music is concerned;

2) The audience of chamber and classical music seasons tends to be of an advanced age.

The project’s substitute function for the shortcomings of school programs has been recognized by many managers and teachers of the kindergarten (primary and secondary) in our region, so much so that the popular shows become an integral part of the POFs of many institutes and, after about seventeen years of activity, there was an excellent return from the point of view of the average age of the public in the concerts of the Seasons of the Friends of Music and the amount of attendance in general.

The project “ Music to Grow “Is divided into concerts is musical performances , called “ Musical mornings »Which take place in the morning of lessons.

The project is designed and built to be included in teaching, with the intention of bringing music too within the training project , give the boys one direct knowledge of many of the instruments belonging to the world of classical music and one overview of the periods that characterize the history of music , provide a clear indication of the fundamental principles essential to intelligently listen to a musical performance , highlight interdisciplinarity of the arts it’s still, the use of musical fairy tales as a privileged tool to bring the very young closer to the world of classical music .

The concerts and shows are all productions of the Perugia Classical Music Foundation Onlus and involve numerous Umbrian artists, musicians, actors, dancers and directors.

From 2002 to the present they have taken place beyond 500 musical performances , with more than 125,000 attendance .

Since 2018 the project is also present in Norcia with workshops for primary and secondary school students that take place throughout the year.

From 2011 to today, the “Musica per Crescere” project has been enriched by 23 concerts and musical performances – “Feste della Musica” and “Family Concerts” – with the participation of young performers as actors and singers (including the Choir of white wines of the “Morlacchi” Conservatory directed by Franco Radicchia).

In many cases, new scores have been specially commissioned to Silvia Colasanti (“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”), Luciano Titi (“The Sack of Energy”), Alessandro Annunziata (“Peter Pan”), Marco Pontini (“The Magic Wood “) And Filippo Fanò Illic (” Jungle “,” I Ragazzi della Via Pal “and” Tony & Maria “).