Roscini-Padalino Prize | Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation

Great lover of classical instrumental music, Leandro Roscini he has been a member of the “Amici della Musica” for many years and one of the most assiduous and enthusiastic concert-goers organized by the Perugian Association.

Before his death in 2001, he wanted to allocate a large part of his patrimony to young Umbrian instrumentalists who intend to make music a professional career.

The “Amici della Musica” of Perugia were honored to have been chosen by Leandro Roscini as an operational tool for the realization of his generous project, to which they intend to contribute with the utmost commitment.

The Prize fund was further increased by a generous bequest from Giancarlo Padalino , a longtime friend of Leandro Roscini.

The Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation was born in 2010 with the aim of spreading and realizing the ideals that fueled Solomeo’s humanistic aspiration. The aim of its programs is to support any initiative that enhances knowledge, the protection of the territory and monuments, the values of tradition, the spiritual and everyday values of man.

These are the values which today are reborn to a new life, and which have a special need to be accompanied and increased. Throughout the world, thanks also to the internet, especially young people are beginning to believe in those ideals which for centuries have been the guide of the Spirit of the world and which have generated the thousand traditions, the customs on which society was formed. All over the world, ideals become protagonists in the re-evaluation of the human person and the environment in which he lives.

The Foundation, convinced “that the future is not entirely ours but it is not entirely not ours”, aims to validate the human person and his ideals in his glorious moments but also in the weakest moments, of senility, of youth, of illness, of loneliness. It intends to restore the dignity of the human person in the context of the living and working environment, considering the territory and in particular the suburbs of all kinds to be very important, according to the expectations that Brunello and Federica Cucinelli place in a happy life.

Each initiative of the Foundation has as its direct or indirect objective the promotion of this happy life, understood in the epicurean sense, that is, a life where too much on the one hand and too little on the other are remodeled on the real material and spiritual needs of the man, which perhaps in recent years have been somewhat outdated. Epicurus’ letter on Happiness is placed as a cornerstone and as an ethical inspiration for the Foundation’s very reason: “A firm knowledge of desires leads every choice or refusal to the well-being of the body and to the perfect serenity of the soul”.

From 2003 until today, the Prize winners have been:

Giacomo Menna (cello) – Riccardo Bonci (organ) – Adriano Falcioni (organ) – Lorenzo Lucca (violin) – Laura Mariotti (clarinet) – Stefano Menna (violin) – Giovanni Menna (viola) – Marco Bartoli (guitar) – Luca Franceschelli (bassoon) – Yumi Palleschi (piano) – Benedetta Rossetti (piano) – Jona Venturi (flute) – Alberto Toccaceli (percussion) – Federica Guasticchi (oboe) – Iacopo Brustenga (violin) – Sebastian Hayn (clarinet) – Mattia Venturi (horn ) – Agnese Menna (cello) – Cecilia Rossi (oboe) – Federico Pedini (guitar) – Federico Venditti (violin) – Flavio Pannacci (trombone) – Colomba Betti (violin) – Fabio Afrune (piano)

Starting from 2021, the Prize is no longer reserved for young graduates born and resident in Umbria, but is open to musicians from all over the country, and is supported by four annual scholarships – generously co-financed by the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation – intended for the activity of the Orchestra da Perugia, both in the Umbrian capital and at the Cucinelli Theater in Solomeo.

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