For the fifth consecutive year, the Perugia Musica Classica Foundation is participating in the program agreed upon between MiBACT and the Region of Umbria (D.D. 7323 of Aug. 18, 2020) for projects of cultural activities and live performances in the territories of the Region of Umbria affected by the earthquake events that occurred on Aug. 24, 2016.

The purpose is to bring a testimony of solidarity to the population of the towns of the Valnerina, to contribute to the revival of the image of the wonderful area with its excellences, creating the conditions for a wide participation of both local and national audiences, but also to help concretely with a project dedicated to young people within schools to develop musical sensitivity.

The project for 2022 targets the “Fanciulli” Comprehensive Institute of Arrone (Terni).

In this edition all the planned actions are designed to be carried out in presence but, in case it becomes necessary or the schools prefer, they can also be carried out online with the creation of tutorials dedicated to children.

The project is funded by the Umbria Region (with Notice DD 5136/2021) for the implementation of the agreement between the Umbria Region and the Ministry of Culture MIC under DM 42/2021 (Earthquake Funds)

There will be three phases planned for the project:

  1. Presentation show

Tuesday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Arrone – Montefranco

Krama Ensemble

“Songs of the Mediterranean”

Den se thelopià (“I don’t want you anymore,” Neapolitan ditty sung in the café-chantants of Smyrna in the early 1900s)

Triantafylleni(“Beautiful as the rose” Cypriot transl.)

EyDilberiişvebaz(“Oh my beautiful beloved,” Turkish translation).

La rosa enflorece(The rose has bloomed, Sephardic transl.)

Lamma Bada Yatathana(“When the beautiful one appeared,” transl. Mozarabo)

Mi votu e mi rivotu(“I turn around and turn back around,” Sicilian transl.) + Kopilemojkopile(“Oh my beautiful” arbaresh translation -Calabria – also sung in Greece)

Kalinifta (“Good night,” translated Griko)

After a long period of silence we feel the need for revival. Krama Ensemble comes together to offer a repertoire of “rebirth”…now more than ever we must seek unity among peoples, and the Mediterranean is the cradle of many different cultures that have the same Mother, Thalassa, or the sea. Through different languages and melodies we navigate by touching the lands of Mare Nostrum: just in Italy within it are “hidden” traditions as diverse as Arberesh, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Grika and other neighboring peoples: Cyprus, Greece,Turkey, Spain and the Arab world.

2. Workshops

Proposals for workshops dedicated to elementary schools are differentiated by age group. For I and II grade there is the workshop “Rhythmic Games” with the creation of musical games that help develop listening and attention skills while for III, IV and V grade the workshop entitled “Songs of the Mediterranean” aims to create a small repertoire of folk songs from the Mediterranean shores.

Workshop for I and II elementary


Held by Stefano Olevano

Workshop for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders



Held by Kyriacoula Constantinou

3. Final day with small concert and games

May 21, 2022 10:00 a.m. – Arrone, Convent of St. Francis

During the workshop’s return day, all the activities carried out will be fielded. All children will be given the opportunity to play freely the games that the first and second graders practiced, and the third, fourth and fifth graders will sing the songs they learned during the workshop accompanied by the Krama Ensemble musicians.