Music for Norcia

For the fourth consecutive year, the Perugia Musica Classica Foundation participates in the program agreed between the MiBACT and the Umbria Region (DD 7323 of 18.08.2020) for cultural activities and live entertainment projects in the territories of the Umbrian Region affected by the seismic events that occurred on 24 August 2016.

The aim is to bring a testimony of solidarity to the population of the city of San Benedetto and the towns of Valnerina, to contribute to the relaunch of the image of the wonderful area with its excellences, creating the conditions for a wide participation of both the local public nationally, but also to concretely help with a project dedicated to young people in schools to develop musical sensitivity.

The “De Gaspero-Battaglia” All-Inclusive Institute of Norcia / Cascia and the “G. Children ”of Arrone. For the 2021 edition all the planned actions are designed, given the persistence of the health emergency situation, in online mode with the creation of tutorials dedicated to children and streaming broadcasts.


Direction and theatrical development: Giorgio Donati

Musical elaborations: Simone Frondini, Leonardo Ramadori

Giorgio Donati, actor and tip tap

Simone Frondini, oboe and tip tap

Gianni Maestrucci, percussion and tip tap

Leonardo Ramadori, percussion and tip tap

Laura Mancini, percussion and tip tap

*** Video-Music workshops dedicated to elementary schools designed to bring the very young closer through listening and knowledge of instruments, to develop an interest in Music, a universal language and bearer of fundamental ethical values such as peace and brotherhood. The laboratories are divided as follows:

“OSWALD, THE LUCKY RABBIT” workshop dedicated to the 1st and 2nd grade

Workshop “ROUNDING OF ALL THE WORLD” dedicated to the III, IV and V elementary school